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We are level 25 in COD: Ghosts, and we participate in the clan wars


And others...
We are a PS4 only clan.

This clan was created by HeyJuanYay and ItsMeLizzy, but has been growing with the effort of all its members. Was created with the intention to have real soldiers, friends who are always there for each other, united.   

We are a family, our members play in several games such as Destiny, Call of duty : Advanced warfare, Call of duty Ghosts, Battlefield 4, and GTA V, to name a few. Our clan is about seriousness, commitment to the game, the HQ, the people, and of course, the clan. We are here to be part of a group with the same interests, a good vibe and to enjoy the games.
So, if you think you are Reloaded Zone material, take a look to our Recruitment section. And be very welcome. To get started we invite you registrate to navigate on all the website sections, feel free to participate in our forums, and if you have any other doubt please use the Contact us form to share it.

Our history started in september 6th 2012. HeyJuanYay and ItsMeLizzy thought in starting a friendly clan, only for PS3 players, wanting to have more friends and looking to create a strong community of gamers.

Reloaded zone was born with an enjin site. We soon saw that we needed a professional website created specially for us and our needs, and that way we moved to this site. Back in the enjin days members like xGarySpacex, MollyJane (our oldest members) had faith in a starting clan and some have been with us since then.

Step by step there have been integrating more hardcore members, showing discipline and commitment with this clan. We are getting bigger and better since then because of each soldier and staff effort and we have a bright future ahead.

Thank you all.